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New team member! 

Please welcome our newest instructor: Martin Parus! 

Martin is joining our team in teaching tactical stunt training classes in the Atlanta Metro Area.

Tactical Stunt Training & Consultants


Action ATL's Tactical Consultants for Film & TV are current SAG AFTRA actors and stunt performers who also have extensive real-life experience in the Military and Law Enforcement. They understand how to make the military and tactical skills of individual performers, and the military and tactical scenarios in Movie and TV productions, appear as realistic as possible.

All Tactical Stunt Training for Film and TV classes are taught by active SAG AFTRA actors and stunt performers. Our military and law enforcement tactical skill instructors have extensive real-life experience as operators and instructors in the US Military, Italian Military, and Law Enforcement. 

We also have an experienced SAG-AFTRA actor who is a Chinese Martial Arts advisor, fight choreographer, and weaponry specialist.

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Tactical Stunt Training Options


ACTION ATL offers classes to make the military and tactical skills of individual performers, and groups of performers, as realistic and accurate as possible on film. We offer introductory classes, as well as in-depth training programs designed to meet the tactical stunt training needs of our various clients.

We offer training at various sites around the Atlanta Metro Area, however we are available to travel to other locations.

Our instructors will work with:             

  • Large Groups (11+)
  • Small Groups (2-10)
  • Private classes
  • Personalized Training
  • ​Training with live weapons

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Stay tuned for future public tactical stunt training opportunities!

Contact us for private and small group classes.

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